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- Marking Bathroom Products with Laser Marking Machine
- Analysis on Investment Strategy of Laser Processing
- Laser Surface Amorphization
- The Latest Development of High Power Single - mode Fiber
- HTPOW Laser pointer weapon conquer your life

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 Marking Bathroom Products with Laser Marking Machine Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bathroom products, including bathroom cabinets, faucets, toilet, bathroom equipment, basin, flush valve / spool, bathroom accessories, bath and other daily health activities of space and supplies, and daily life everywhere, and people's daily life is closely related.

green laser

With the development of the national economy and people's living standards, people on the bathroom product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, sanitary products function is not just the traditional sense of the above bath function, the quality of sanitary products and appearance directly affect people's living environment Comfort. In order to product differentiation and branding, the appearance of sanitary products need to draw the pattern and LOGO and other information, and the logo and LOGO mark the accuracy will directly affect the product appearance and quality. In order to be able to give sanitary products better quality and appearance, and in order to give people a better visual enjoyment, and now a large number of bathroom products manufacturers, have chosen to use laser pointer marking machine on the appearance of sanitary products marked beautiful and exquisite designs and LOGO information.

Laser marking machine in the bathroom products processing advantages: the laser marking and the traditional standard is different from the laser marking the use of high-energy density of laser on the bathroom parts of the local irradiation, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving A method of marking a permanent mark. Is an effective means of anti-counterfeiting; laser marking machine does not produce any harmful to the human body and the environment of chemical substances, is environmentally friendly high-tech products.

Laser can be marked with a very fine light in the product material itself, high precision printing, control accuracy, clear and perfect interpretation of the print content, with strong market competitiveness, and environmental safety, without any corrosive, completely isolated The chemical pollution, for the operator is also a kind of intimate protection to ensure that the production site clean and tidy, reducing the late input, reducing the noise pollution. At the same time the current blue laser pointer equipment using computer software system to control, you can play in the bathroom products above the various text, symbols and patterns, not only easy to operate, while feature-rich, can greatly meet the rich and diverse sanitary products need to mark.

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 Analysis on Investment Strategy of Laser Processing Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Laser processing advantages and alternative trends are obvious, the emerging application needs to support high performance growth.

blue laser pointer

The new three-board laser business as a whole net profit nearly three years year-on-year growth of more than 40% in the new three board involved in the field of laser companies were sorted out, we found that the new three board red laser pointer business as a whole operating income and net profit to maintain high growth, Net profit since 2014 have maintained a growth rate of more than 40% in 2015 and even up to 91%, far more than the new three board mechanical plate overall growth rate. The two core drivers of future laser processing equipment are driven by the replacement of traditional processes and the emerging demand for downstream applications.

Laser processing market space is broad, the proportion of emerging applications accounted for significantly improved laser cutting equipment sales in 2015 about 6.6 billion, sales growth mainly from OLED panel cutting, 3D glass cutting and sapphire cutting and other fields; laser welding equipment sales The amount of about 2.27 billion yuan, metal frame welding, power battery welding and automotive lightweight areas such as pulling the equipment demand is a strong increase; laser marking and other laser equipment sales of about 11.9 billion yuan, the current downstream main The driving force is 3C equipment marking, OLED panel production annealing and 3D printing and other fields to stimulate the emerging application of green laser pointer equipment needs.

In 2016 the domestic laser processing equipment sales reached 25 billion yuan, according to research projections, in 2020 the laser processing market space will reach 50 billion yuan. In the domestic market, in 2015 the laser marking, cutting, welding of the three main applications accounted for 68% of sales, compared to 2005, the proportion of laser marking equipment sales there has been a significant decline from 65% to 24%, the application of new applications of laser cutting and welding equipment sales increased significantly from 28% to 44%, because the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to increase the demand for emerging laser processing equipment.

With the "emerging applications + alternative" attributes or emerging applications leading enterprises from the industry trend to determine the demand for technology to replace the laser and laser equipment to the high intelligence, high power, reliability, low cost direction, high power fiber laser pointer, UV lasers, ultrafast lasers, etc. will become the mainstream of the development of lasers; at the same time laser processing will be the first in some emerging applications to bring the first increase in the performance of strong support for the emerging applications in the OLED panel production, smart phone parts processing, power battery production and 3D printing and laser radar and other representative areas.

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 Laser Surface Amorphization Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In this study, a cadmium sulfide (CdS) line with a diameter of 204 nm and a length of 15 μm was used as the core design of the optical cavity (Fig. 1). The high refractive index of the nanowires causes the incident light to have a high reflectivity factor at the end face and be guided by the nanowires. This arrangement forms the Fabry-Burrow cavity, which, when activated by an external light source, forms a laser. The laser wavelength thus formed depends on the refractive index around it. By measuring the wavelength of the most powerful laser output, the refractive index of the liquid immersed in the nanowires can be determined.

There are a variety of methods for surface nanocrystallization of materials. There are a large number of surface nanocrystallization technologies. It is a surface layer which can realize the nano-characteristics by means of laser surface treatment technology and nanometer technology. It can be collectively referred to as laser surface nanocrystallization technology; More generally referred to as laser nano-surface engineering technology, is directly or mainly the use of laser this specific technical means to directly change or add material to change the surface of the solid material is treated, the composition or structure, so that the formation of nano-crystal Grain or a certain nanoparticle composition of the surface layer. Or the use of laser etching, laser embossing, laser hair, laser micro-nano modeling and other means to achieve nano-structure on the surface of the material.

red laser pointer

In the 1970s, after the successful development of high-power lasers, blue laser pointer surface treatment technology into the practical application, and then the rapid development, there have been laser quenching (laser phase hardening surface modification technology), laser remelting, laser surface alloying, Laser cladding, laser surface amorphization and laser shock enhancement. These laser surface treatment technology through the surface of the material to form a certain thickness of the treatment layer to improve the mechanical properties of the material surface, metallurgical properties, physical properties, thereby enhancing the parts, the workpiece wear, corrosion resistance, fatigue and other properties. Laser due to high power density, good direction, energy transfer convenience, can be transmitted in a variety of transparent media and other characteristics.

Generally refers to the use of laser remelting, high-energy 300mw laser pointer surface melting and not add any other ingredients to the substrate surface rapid melting and solidification grain refinement, eliminate defects, reach the aim of improving the surface structure. Laser remelting as a kind of surface engineering technology, a large number of researchers have done related research work, pointed out that the research can significantly improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the material and wear properties by laser remelting, but as the surface of nanometer technology is not clearly separate.




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 The Latest Development of High Power Single - mode Fiber Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If there is a clear trend in the field of laser technology, that is the rise of fiber lasers. In high power cutting and welding applications, fiber lasers have been from the high-power CO2 lasers and solid-state lasers to seize a large number of market share. At present, some mainstream fiber laser pointer manufacturers are exploring many new applications to meet more market demand. In high-power fiber lasers, single-mode systems have satisfactory characteristics: they have high brightness, can focus to a few microns to the highest strength. They also have the largest depth of focus, which makes them ideal for remote machining.

What are the challenges of this single-mode high-power fiber laser? These challenges can be divided into three main areas: improved pumping, designing active fibers with low optical losses and operating only in single-mode operation, and correct measurement of the resulting radiation. In the active fiber design for high power single mode operation, there are two general parameters to optimize: doping and geometry. All parameters must be determined to achieve minimum loss, single mode operation, and final high power amplification. The perfect fiber amplifier will provide over 90% of the high conversion rate, perfect beam quality, and output power limited only by the available pump power.

laser pen

However, lifting a single mode system to a higher power may result in a higher power density within the active core, an increased thermal load, and many non-linear optical effects such as stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). The most striking is the typical effect of the ytterbium-doped quartz fiber, and it is well known in the early days when fiber lasers are not as pure as today, and this is phototaxis. In this process, due to the interaction of the green laser pointer material, a defect center or a color center is formed in the material. This effect is parasitic: it converts pump photons into heat, which results in lower magnification and increased heat load.

Yb (Yb) fiber is a typical main medium for high power single mode fiber lasers. But over a certain threshold, they will show a new effect, the so-called transverse mode instability (TMI). At a particular power level, a high-order mode or even a cladding pattern occurs, where energy is dynamically transferred between these modes and the beam quality is reduced. The beam starts to fluctuate at the output. Since the discovery of TMI, TMI has been observed in various fiber designs from step index fiber to photonic crystal fiber. Only its threshold varies with geometry and doping, but it is roughly estimated that this effect occurs after the output power exceeds 1 kW. At the same time, this effect is combined with the thermal effect inside the fiber, and has a strong correlation with the photo-induced darkening effect. In addition, the sensitivity of fiber blue laser pointer to TMI seems to be affected by the core modal composition.

Step Geometry The geometry of the fiber produces a number of parameters for optimization. The diameter of the core, the size of the pump cladding, and the difference in refractive index between the core and the pump cladding can be adjusted. This tuning depends on the doping concentration, that is, the concentration of Yb ions can be used to control the absorption length of the pumped radiation in the active fiber. Other dopants may be added to reduce the thermal effect and to control the refractive index step.

red laser pointer

But there are some opposite requirements. In order to reduce the nonlinear effect, the fiber should be shorter. However, in order to reduce the heat load, the fiber should be longer. The photodegradation increases with the square of the dopant concentration, so it will be better to have a longer doped fiber. The initial advice on these parameters can be found in the simulation. Some parameters, such as thermal behavior, can be simulated but are difficult to predict, especially since the photo-darkening is low and can not be measured by accelerated testing. Therefore, direct measurement of the thermal behavior in the fiber will contribute to the experimental planning.

Another important parameter in fiber red laser pointer design is the cut-off wavelength, which is the longest wavelength that allows more modes in the active core. High-order mode greater than this wavelength is not supported. In addition to the nature of the fiber itself, there are several ways to influence the amplification process and loss mechanisms, such as fiber bending or seed beam time characteristics and spectral characteristics.




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 HTPOW Laser pointer weapon conquer your life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The built-in high powered laser pointer module can improve the heat dissipation of the equipment.This is an important specification to review before purchasing a laser product, and why all Aegis Laser products are either 650nM or 635nM.Two important considerations in choosing a laser collimator are the accuracy and stability of the laser beam alignment to the cylindrical axis of the collimator body.

Laser radiation will harm the eyes if you look directly at the high powered laser pointer beam for extended periods.This emits an intense beam of red laser light exactly along the central axis of the cylindrical collimator body.A Class 3B laser can be a distraction, glare or flashblindness hazard for pilots and drivers.NEVER aim any laser towards an aircraft or vehicle that is in motion.

The world got the first big sniff about China's secretive ' green laser pointer weapon system' program.The beam of the laser would be focused by a membrane telescope.He touted the MiG-35's laser weaponry as something that he said will be able "to cause irreparable damage to potential enemy warplanes' electronics."

Northrop Grumman notes that the exhaust from its Skyguard green laser pointer is non-toxic.Each individual fiber laser is able to stay below the thermal limit, while a single fiber laser at these levels.Lasers are also dependent on the quality of the air they pass through.So the space-based laser weapon system will be one of the major ASAT development projects.

1W laser pointer

UFOs could invade from space and abduct cattle or that giant weapon could battle with Laser Cutter beams.It approached the home masked, gloved, and armed with a pistol with a laser pointing at the doorway.The Paveway (with support of a laser-designator) would be used against moving targets.Next to it is a house made of red bricks and inside the case you will find the ATPIAL Laser Sight assault rifle rail.

Laser weapon has proved that it can automatically reflect Guardian Laser Cutter just by holding your shield up.Go pick up the laser and carry it onto the moving platform.So, while a laser sight for an M4A01 will work on all other assault rifles, it won't work on a submachine gun or a light machine gun.Army also launching laser-guided missiles to obliterate targets.

The red laser pen targeting clues you in. Hide behind a pillar to escape!China is developing its own arsenal of electromagnetic railguns, powerful microwave weapons, and high-powered lasers.China had a laser weapons program and warned that Beijing could be rapidly militarizing space.Jordan's anger over the disappearance of a laser-sight gun he had left at her home.


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